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Legal Best Practices for the Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems

e_jones2.jpgPartner, Evan B. Jones is teaching at the National Business Institute Seminar today about Drone Law. Mr. Jones also taught another class on 5/12/2017. As drones become increasingly popular - it is so important to understand the law behind drone legal requirements and how clients can remain compliant. Read more below....

Legal Best Practices for the Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems

The use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), or drones, is becoming much more common, but h...ow confident are you in your ability to provide clients with answers to their most pressing legal questions regarding the use of this emerging technology? In this comprehensive overview of the current legal landscape, our experienced faculty will illuminate the many pitfalls that exist and provide you with the information you need to provide practical legal advice to government, commercial and recreational UAS users. Ensure your clients understand the legal aspects of responsible drone usage - register today!

• Understand the legal and practical definitions of what is - and is not - a drone.

• Get the latest updates on drone legal requirements that your clients need to remain compliant.

• Determine when and where drones can be used for commercial or hobby purposes.

• Analyze current Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) enforcement efforts, and advise commercial UAS users on legal best practices.

• Advise public users of drones on best practices to protect the 4th Amendment rights of citizens.

• Know what constitutes aerial trespass in the space above homes and business.

• Confidently navigate state and local UAS laws, rules, regulations and zoning codes.

• Establish when drone footage is discoverable for litigation purposes.

Who Should Attend

This basic-to-intermediate level course on unmanned aircraft system legal issues is for the following professionals:

• Attorneys

• Paralegals

• Real Estate Professionals and Surveyors

• Government Officials

• Police Officers

• Insurance Professionals

Continuing Legal Education - CLE: 6.00 *

International Association for Continuing Education Training - IACET: 0.60

* denotes specialty credits

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