Lexington Estate Administration Lawyers

If you are the executor or personal representative of an estate, working with a lawyer will make the estate administration process much easier. When people are unfamiliar with the process, it can be an overwhelming task.

Landrum & Shouse LLP provides knowledgeable estate administration services from experienced lawyers.

The Estate Administration Process

Estate administration involves distributing the assets and settling the decedent's accounts. The process will vary depending on the size and complexity of the estate as well as whether the decedent left a valid will.

Once the executor or personal representative has been appointed, the estate must be inventoried. This includes documenting all of the assets and notifying creditors of the decedent's death. Outstanding debts will be paid out of the estate if there are sufficient funds; otherwise, the court may decide which creditors are paid.

Remaining assets will be distributed according to the will or according to Kentucky law if there is no will. If disputes arise regarding the will or assets, we can assist the family with probate litigation.

If the estate included trusts, they may be administered at this time as well. Our lawyers have the experience to handle any type of trust and resolve disputes if they occur.

The final steps of estate administration typically include preparing the final tax returns and closing the estate.

An attorney can take care of each of these duties for you. It is often best to let a lawyer manage the process to ensure that mistakes do not occur.

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