Helping People Through The End Of A Marriage

Getting divorced is never easy, in part because it ultimately affects every part of a person's life. Everything from where a person will live to how much money they will have every month to their social circles can change.

The magnitude of change associated with a divorce can make the whole experience overwhelming. At Landrum & Shouse LLP, our compassionate and experienced team of attorneys knows how to guide divorcing Kentucky spouses through this process.

Understanding The Many Sides Of A Divorce

When navigating a divorce, spouses must make decisions about a variety of things in their lives. Each one of these may have its own associated challenges. Additionally, each element may be very intertwined with another. For example, a child custody agreement may influence an ultimate award for child support or spousal support based upon the amount of time children will be with either parent.

We can help people understand the different facets of a divorce, including:

  • Child custody, parenting plans and co-parenting
  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Marital versus separate property
  • Asset and liability division

Our professionals guide people through how to evaluate the best decisions regarding keeping or selling a family home, how to split a 401(k) account, finding hidden assets and more. We also know how to help clients understand the need to review estate plans and other parts of their lives when getting a divorce.

Trusted Help In Tough Times

When a divorce is even first considered let alone when it may appear imminent, Kentucky residents should know that the lawyers at Landrum & Shouse LLP are here and on their side. We can be reached via our website or by phone at (888) 322-2505. Our family law attorneys serve clients in Lexington, Louisville and the surrounding areas of Kentucky.