Real Estate Agent/Appraiser Liability

A professional license is the key to a real estate agent or appraiser's livelihood. If you are facing a challenge to your professional license, do not face it alone. Seek out a skilled attorney from a respected firm and that has the experience and resources to mount an effective defense on your behalf.

At Landrum & Shouse, LLP , we know that protecting your professional license is an absolute priority for you, and professional license defense is an important part of our legal practice. We have successfully represented numerous clients before professional review boards, as well as in peer review matters, and administrative complaints. Led by R. Kent Westberry, helping real estate agents and appraisers is becoming a larger focus of our professional license defense practice.

Attorney Westberry handles a wide variety of criminal defense matters and is well suited to help real estate professionals when they are accused of wrongdoing. Attorney  handles all types of matters, including professional liability, employment law and real estate transactions.

Our Lexington real estate agent liability attorneys are extremely knowledgeable about the regulation of all types of professional licenses, and our intimate familiarity with these administrative processes in Kentucky allows us to focus on the key issues.

Professional licensure challenges can stem from allegations of violations ranging in seriousness from faulty record keeping, failing to inform a client of an offer or counteroffer, to accusations of unethical behavior, drug or alcohol abuse, quality of care, sexual improprieties, serious malpractice, or even criminal billing fraud.

At Landrum & Shouse, LLP, our professional license defense begins with a thorough investigation of the allegations. Working closely with you, we work to develop an aggressive, effective strategy to protect your license. That strategy may include:

  • Negotiating for dismissal of the allegations
  • Negotiating for lesser sanctions and fines
  • Representation at licensing board hearings
  • Petitioning for reinstatement of a revoked or suspended license
  • Appealing any negative adjudication by the licensing board, including appeals of professional license suspensions or revocations, sanctions and fines
  • Engaging in broker litigation

Louisville Appraiser Liability Attorneys

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