Lexington Real Estate Transactions And Disputes Lawyers

At Landrum & Shouse LLP, we have the experience to guide clients through complex real estate transactions and disputes as well as litigation. We represent buyers, sellers, property owners, investors, agents, developers, contractors, builders, landlords and tenants in commercial and residential real estate matters in Kentucky.

Protect Your Real Estate Investment

In our real estate transaction practice, we assist clients with sales, purchases, leases, contract negotiation, financing, deeds, titles, exchanges and gifts. Our real estate attorneys can also help clients interpret land use and zoning laws and provide representation before planning commissions and zoning boards.

When disputes arise over transactions or other matters, we work to resolve the issue favorably for our clients. As with other legal disputes, finding a solution out of court is typically better for all parties. However, you can rely on our experienced trial lawyers to protect your rights at trial when that is necessary.

We can represent you in real estate disputes involving fraud, misrepresentation, easements and boundaries, landlord-tenant issues, foreclosure, and breach of contract. We will work hard to protect your investment and your rights.

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Appointments can be scheduled in our Lexington office at (859) 554-4038 or in our Louisville office at (502) 589-7616. You can also contact us online.