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Pursuing Courtroom Alternatives When It Makes Sense To Do So

The National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals
Pierce W. Hamblin and John R. Martin Jr. have been recognized by the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals, for their exceptional work.

As trial lawyers, our team is always fully prepared to represent clients’ interests within the courtroom. We prepare every case as though it will end up before a bench or jury trial, and our dedication has been rewarded with many successful verdicts on behalf of our clients.

However, that does not mean that litigation is necessary in every case or that every case we take goes to trial. We appreciate the rising costs of litigation, both financial costs and with respect to time. Litigation can take months or possibly years.

Therefore, we at Landrum & Shouse LLP are always ready and willing to seek alternatives to litigation, including mediation and arbitration, when resolving our clients’ important legal matters. With offices in Lexington and Louisville, we represent businesses and individuals in alternative dispute resolutions (ADR) throughout Kentucky.

Services In Mediation

We are lucky to have two of Kentucky’s premier mediators as partners of our firm: Pierce W. Hamblin (Lexington) and John R. Martin Jr.  (Louisville). Having been courtroom trial lawyers for over 30 years each, Pierce and John know the complexities and the expense involved in today’s litigation practice. Both are certified mediators who can help parties negotiate a resolution to even the most difficult lawsuit.

Services In Arbitration

As court schedules become busier, arbitration can provide a satisfactory alternative to a full bench or jury trial. Moreover, many business and consumer contracts require disputing parties to attempt resolution through arbitration. As with any legal matter, it behooves those going into arbitration to have a legal advocate who understands the process and knows what to expect. That is where our firm excels.

Services As A Special Master Commissioner

In addition to his private practice and work as a mediator, Pierce W. Hamblin has been appointed as a special master commissioner on a number of occasions by several circuit court judges. Under current Kentucky civil procedure, “Each circuit court may appoint a master commissioner and a receiver as authorized by statute. Other commissioners, deputy commissioners, receivers and their assistants may be appointed only upon express authority of the Chief Justice.” Attorney Hamblin has been appointed by order of multiple courts to serve as a special master commissioner in multiple claim litigation throughout eastern Kentucky.

Proficient Legal Services Designed To Prevent Further Conflict

Whether your need is mediation, arbitration or help utilizing any other dispute resolution, our experienced neutrals will work hard to help you hammer out a workable and reasonable solution to even the most complex legal disputes.

To speak with one of our lawyers about mediation or arbitration, please call us in Lexington at 859-554-4038 or in Louisville at 502-589-7616 for an appointment. You may also complete our intake form.

Our Mission, to which we are dedicated, is to provide professional legal representation and service to clients to the very best of our capabilities, individually and in unity with one another.