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Landrum & Shouse partner Pierce W. Hamblin the focus of Super Lawyers profile

Pierce W. Hamblin has been with Landrum & Shouse for 37 years now, and we are proud to announce that he is the focus of a recent attorney profile in Super Lawyers. The article offers much to recommend our partner and litigator, including descriptions of his work on insurance cases.

Mediation is one area of particular interest for attorney Hamblin. While he has years of trial experience, he understands the expense of going to court, where juries are unpredictable and the outcome is uncertain. To help disputing parties resolve their conflicts and avoid the cost of litigating, Hamblin takes a warm, balanced and straightforward approach to mediation.

"You've got to be very fair to both sides," he says, "--mediators that play games don't cut it in life. I think over the years I've earned the reputation for not playing games with people."

Hamblin's approach to mediation is informed by his experience as a defense lawyer. "I think having been a defense attorney makes you a better mediator," he says. With that kind of experience, you're in a position to evaluate both sides, to see the facts and help the parties resolve the matter fairly.

By his estimation, Hamblin has mediated more than 7,500 disputes, likely as many anyone else in Kentucky. A busy man, he is also currently serving as the Fayette County Bar Association president, and he happily teaches a trial skills class at the University of Kentucky College of Law.

For more on attorney Hamblin, please see the recent Super Lawyers profile, "The Big Guy."

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