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July 2015 Archives

Relying on insurance as part of your estate planning

Many people who may not have a wealth of money, property or assets rely on insurance policies to take care of their loved ones if something happens to them. While relying on an insurance policy to take care of your family is a great idea, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

Probating a will: What does this all mean?

What does it mean to probate a will? A will goes through probate court to ensure that the will is administered properly and that all assets of the estate are dispersed properly. A probate judge oversees the disposal of property and settles any disputes that might arise between heirs of the will.

New proposal for individual retirement account advisers

Financial advisers, who are entrusted to give the best advice possible to their investors, have gotten a bad name. Just like in any business, there are good and bad. Because some financial advisers have overstepped the bounds of good faith and given poor advice in an effort to make their own commission larger, it has facilitated tarnishing the reputations of good advisers also, who are working hard for their investors.

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