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Insurance companies used as scapegoats

Insurance companies are meant to give citizens and/or businesses that peace of mind that "if" a tragedy or unfortunate incident happens, they will not be devastated or totally wiped out by the costs. There are numerous types of insurance companies that cover almost anything an individual desires to insure, right down to their jewelry. There is auto insurance, home insurance, appliance insurance, life insurance, medical insurance and even pet insurance.

Businesses and professionals also have a variety of different insurance companies to rely on. From medical malpractice for those in the health care business to building insurance for a factory — companies and professionals alike rely on insurance to keep them from being put out of business in the event of a catastrophe. Insurance is a good thing, except when it is used improperly or taken advantage of.

Unfortunately, accidents and catastrophes do happen, and there are times when insurance just does not cover the damage or injury that occurred. Insurance policies are very specific in what they cover, and for good reason. When an accident, tragedy or catastrophe occurs, no one wants to pay the price. If the person or entity is properly covered, most insurance companies honor their policies. But if the damages are not covered, the responsibility lies solely on the individual.

There are times, unfortunately, when the insurance company must refuse a payout because the coverage was never intended in their policy. Whether the insured is aware of the lack of coverage and is fraudulently trying to get out of paying for the damage or injury, or they truly do not understand their policy, the insurance company will need to prove their case in a court of law.

It is important for insurance companies to retain a good insurance defense team for these incidents. For insurance companies, it is not just about the money. Their reputation is at stake, and future business will depend on that reputation. Honest insurance companies need to defend their honor and their policies. Having a well-versed legal team is the way to ensure this happens.

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