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January 2016 Archives

Following David Bowie's lead

David Bowie, legend and rock star, might live on in more than just his music or his colorful performances. Bowie passed away from a bout with liver cancer just two days after turning 69. Well known across the world for being one of the great pop artists, he had just finished releasing "Blackstar," his latest album.

Why create a trust for your heirs?

There are different reasons why people create trusts instead of just having a will. Some people create a living trust so they can still control their assets and property while they are living, but can also take advantage of tax breaks or to avoid having their assets go into probate. Many people see wills and trusts as something only for the wealthy or those with a high net-worth. However, trusts are not just for the wealthy. There are many other reasons why you might have a trust, other than to transfer high-value property or assets.

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