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Kentucky inheritances and will contestation

The last thing any Kentucky resident should have to deal with following the death of a loved one is a will contestation lawsuit. However, this is something that happens quite frequently after a family member dies, and it is particularly common in larger estates, which -- if they have a lot of potential heirs -- could become the center of family disagreements.

Sometimes a will contestation is not just about whether the asset distribution plan laid out in the will was fair or legal. It can also be about an old family wound that has resurfaced in the wake of the stress and emotional turmoil associated with a family death. Indeed, the mourning period after a loss can be an emotionally tumultuous time when family bonds are tested to their max. If things shift out of balance in terms of surviving loved ones getting along, even the slightest disagreement about an inheritance can erupt into contentious litigation.

Since litigation is so expensive, the associated costs of a will contestation process could be enough to encourage family members to reach a settlement agreement and get past the issue. Sometimes, mediators can be brought in to ensure that both parties in a will contestation are working toward a fair settlement that brings the matter to a close as swiftly as possible.

A Landrum & Shouse, we always try to support our clients in creating an estate plan that works to limit the chances of family disagreement after our clients' deaths. This often involves seeking the fairest asset distribution plan possible given the family's specific situation. It could also mean encouraging estate planners to speak with their children and heirs about their asset distribution plans in order to prepare them for what will eventually come.

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