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2 claims filed in Prince's estate proceedings

As the media continues to question the cause of Prince's death, the names of his heirs are also unknown. Indeed, the music icon did not leave any trace of a will, so courts will have to distribute his assets in accordance with state intestacy laws. Potential heirs appear to be coming forward as well in order to make a claim on the musician's estate. Recently, two women filed motions saying that they are Prince's grandniece and niece in a bid to claim a portion of his massive estate.

The potential heirs are the granddaughter and daughter of Duane Nelson, Sr., who is the half-brother of prince. Duane passed away in 2011 and his blood ties to the rock superstar are proved by his birth certificate. That could mean that the two women will be heirs that must be added to Prince's estimated $300 million estate distribution plan.

Originally, Prince's sister filed a list of heirs to the court. That list showed six half-siblings; however, Duane's name was not on the list because family members did not see the man as a blood relative. Nevertheless, the recently-filed motion by the two women shows that Duane was indeed Prince's father's son, and therefore, his half-brother. The motion further stated that Duane's father always held Duane out as his son and he raised him as his own child. Furthermore, it appears from reports that Prince also considered that man as a brother while he was alive.

As is customary when someone dies without a will, Prince's estate distribution will be handled by the state court system according to state intestacy laws. However, there could be some debate and legal wrangling over who Prince's rightful heirs are and what those heirs have a right to receive. In similar cases in Kentucky, it is very helpful for potential heirs to be represented by an estate attorney to help them protect their legal inheritance rights during court proceedings.

Source: Music Times, "Prince Inheritance: Two Women File Claims to Star's Estate," Kareen Liez Datoy, May 21, 2016

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