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Getting help to start your next business endeavor correctly

In the past few weeks, we've discussed a lot of issues related to estate planning and preparing for the end of your life and the passing on of your assets. While it's never too early to handle such decisions or begin to prepare, we know that you might be at a stage in your life where other legal concerns are loaming. One of those concerns might be how to form your own business.

Choosing the right business formation is a foundational decision that can help you succeed in the future and make it possible to pass on even more wealth to your heirs. There's no "best business format," though, and the type of entity you form should depend highly on your own goals, needs and business idea. It can be daunting to make such a decision, which is one reason many people who are genuinely excited about a business idea never get a company off the ground.

Our firm works with you to understand the business idea and your needs and help you ensure a strong legal foundation for your launch. First, we help you understand all the legal formation options open to you – many people don't realize there are more than four types of business entities. We can also help you understand the seemingly small but critical differences between entities such as S-corps and C-corps.

Every business type comes with its own strengths and weaknesses, and we can help you decide which most benefits you. We can also work with you to create foundational documents that leverage appropriate strengths to protect your business – and you personally – from some tax, financial and legal issues in the future.

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