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Probate litigation can take up valuable time and money

After a loved one passes away, that person's estate has to be handled. We recently discussed how Kentucky is one of the worst states for inheritance taxes. This should spur you to find out what options you have that might reduce the tax burden for the estate.

We know that you might have a lot to think about right now. You have to work on ensuring that your loved one's plans are followed as intended. You also have to think about making the final arrangements and trying to determine how to move forward. All of these can be challenging undertakings.

There are sometimes issues with the estate, such as potential heirs claiming that the estate plan isn't up to par, that might lead to you having to take action. Will contests are one issue that can take up more time and money than if everyone just got along and followed the plan.

Another issue that might come up occurs if individuals have multiple wills or if they cut someone out of their will. In these cases, probate litigation process might be started. Of course, this means that you will have more work to do than what you planned. At the end of the process, the estate should be handled in accordance with the law.

As you go through the probate process, we are here to help you get answers that you need. This can help you to make decisions based on the laws and your loved one's wishes instead of trying to fly blind and hoping that things will work out properly.

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