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Your estate plan goes far beyond handing out assets

People often focus on the will when they think of estate planning. While this is an important part of the plan, it isn't the only component to the estate plan. No matter how old you are, all adults should have an estate plan in place.

Some people ask why they need an estate plan if they don't have any assets. The answer to this question is that they need the estate plan to care for their most important asset — themselves.

Have you ever thought about whether you'd like to be on life support or not? Have you ever considered what you want your final days to be like? These are questions that you can answer in your estate plan.

A living will can include instructions about medical care. You can state whether you wish to be resuscitated or not. You can specify if you want to be placed on life support or receive life-prolonging treatments like receiving nutrition through a feeding tube.

In addition to your living will, you can use your estate plan to appoint a person to make health care decisions for you. This individual should know your wishes and be willing to uphold them wishes when you can't assert your decision- making rights.

We know that there may be some other considerations that you might need to think about, like who will take over the care of any pets you might have. A major benefit of devising a comprehensive plan is including all of your unique needs. We can address all of the necessary points to determine what should be included in your estate plan.

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