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Reasons to discuss your estate plan at a family gathering

The holidays are a time when families get together. In some cases, this means that people who haven't seen each other all year long are once again together. Even though it might seem like it isn't really a good idea, these gatherings might be a time when you get people together to let them know what's in your estate plan.

Having this discussion now might seem morbid, but it gives heirs and beneficiaries, as well as anyone who is interested in your medical care, a chance to find out what you have planned. They can ask questions if they aren't sure about what you would want or what you mean by part of the plan.

When you have this discussion, try to cover all the bases. Let them know where you have the information for your digital accounts, where copies of important papers are kept, and who has a copy of the will. Take the time to go through what medical measures you feel comfortable with for the end of your life so that this can be followed.

Make sure that you are clear on where you stand. This might help to prevent a battle for your estate when you pass away since everyone will know what to expect when your will is read.

Just before the holidays is a good time to review your estate plan and make sure that your wishes haven't changed since the last time you reviewed it. If you do make changes to the will, you can let your family members know this while you are together for the holidays.

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