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Take steps to ensure your estate plan is clearly conveyed

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2018 | Estate Planning

Your estate plan must reflect your wishes for the assets you’ve amassed during your life. It is imperative that you think carefully about how you will convey these wishes, because your estate plan must be presented in a clear and legally binding manner.

When you are thinking about your assets, you must determine the best way to divvy them up. Some people might opt for a will, but others will rely on trusts. There are several considerations that impact which of these you choose. Some of the most pressing are the tax implications of each option. Another is the cost of having the estate go through probate court. We can discuss your goals for your estate and help you plan accordingly.

Once you decide on an estate plan and the specifics, you might need to discuss everything with the people who have an interest in the contents of your will, trust or estate plan. This might not be a pleasant conversation, but it is something that could help you to ensure that everyone understands your wishes. Your loved ones can ask you questions if they need clarification about any points.

On top of the distribution aspect of the estate plan, you also need to think about what is going to happen if you aren’t able to make decisions on your own. You can set out the plan for your medical care in case of incapacitation. You can also name a person who can make health care decisions for you and someone to make financial decisions for you.

We realize that you might need to evaluate your options for handling your estate plan matters. We can help you to learn about the solutions that are available so you can get things set up how you want.