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Keep control of your digital assets after you die

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2018 | Estate Planning

When you get online, you probably don’t think much about what you are doing. One thing that you need to think about is who is going to get your digital assets when you pass away. These are things like your PayPal account, your online bank accounts, your social media accounts and your emails. All of these are probably important to you and you don’t want them to just wither away when you pass away.

Creating a digital will is something that most people just don’t think about. Sadly, this means that accounts with family pictures and videos might be inaccessible after your death. Just to be clear — it isn’t enough to just share your password with your loved ones. You need to have clear documentation in place that will give them the power to take over your online accounts when you die.

When you are coming up with the contents of a digital will, you need to take an inventory of all of your online accounts. Write down the information for every single one of them and put that information somewhere safe. This is what your loved ones will likely need when they try to access the accounts after your death. Include the web address, username and password for all of them.

You need to establish a digital executor, which is the person who you are giving the digital assets to when you pass away. It is imperative that you get the paperwork in order for this so that they can execute their duties when you are gone. Failing to complete this step could mean that all is lost since you won’t be around to correct the issues.

Remember that a digital will is only one component of your estate plan. You should get a comprehensive plan set up so that your loved ones aren’t scrambling around when you pass away.

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