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White collar crimes can occur in various ways

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2018 | White Collar Criminal Defense

Some crimes aren’t violent at all. Many of these are considered white collar crimes, which have to do with financial matters or fraud. For people who are facing white collar crime charges and those who have to deal with money or personal information on a regular basis, knowing a bit about these crimes might be beneficial.

Issues with income tax returns is one of the possible white collar crimes a person can face. All income tax documents must contain factual information. When there is anything amiss, you might find yourself facing charges. This isn’t likely going to happen for a simple, honest error; however, a willful lie is another matter.

Fraud is another possibility. This can occur in a variety of ways, such as mortgage fraud or credit fraud. Securities fraud and insider trading also fall under this very general umbrella. The key to these cases is that the defendant had to have been purposefully trying to defraud the victims.

Embezzlement and money laundering are two other financial crimes that are considered white collar issues. These have to do with how money is handled. Even if you are dealing with your own company, you can face this type of charge.

One thing that people tend forget about white collar crimes is that there is usually a paper trail to follow. The evidence might be considerable against you so make sure that you are thinking of this as you develop your defense. Following the paper trail can be complex, but it might unearth some valuable points for you to use in your defense.

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