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June 2018 Archives

How can my company prevent sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment has been an issue in the workplace for decades. The majority of instances involve women being harassed by their male counterparts or superiors. As the battle against sexual harassment continues, there are plenty of things you can do as a company to prevent it from rearing its ugly head.

The Kentucky Workers' Compensation Act and House Bill 2

Workers' compensation laws evolved during the late 1800s with the Second Industrial Revolution as railroad mileage tripled. Coal mining and steel production grew exponentially. Work-related injuries often resulted in death or disfigurement, and those who survived were often unable to seek redress through the court due to antiquated common law rules. In an effort to protect railway employees, Congress passed the Federal Employers Liability Act in 1908, and states developed their own regulations as well. Kentucky's Workers' Compensation Act was passed in 1916, and has evolved over the years, most recently with House Bill 2.

Advantages of using mediation in business disputes

Business disputes are all too common. They occur at the drop of a dime for one reason or another. There might not be a rhyme or reason for them either. These disputes can lead to litigation, which can turn into a lengthy affair. Businesses facing litigation will want to do everything possible when it comes to resolving disputes. This includes trying out mediation as a way to resolve the issue at hand in Fayette, Kentucky.

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