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What are some signs of workplace age discrimination?

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2018 | Employment Law For Employees

Age discrimination is illegal in Kentucky and throughout the country. People can be discriminated against due to their age at restaurants, stores or any other public place. It is also illegal to discriminate against someone due to their age when it comes to their employment. So, what are some signs of workplace age discrimination to be on the lookout for in Fayette?

A big sign that you are facing age discrimination at work is when you notice a change in your performance reviews but not your overall performance. If your performance reviews have dropped recently, it’s time to document everything going on regarding your job. This often occurs with a change in leadership as new people from the outside want to go with younger employees.

Did you stop getting raises? This is very difficult to prove unless you had a great year on the job and still didn’t receive a raise for your efforts. Having a strong year at work and not being rewarding for it while someone else was can be considered age discrimination.

One of the clearest signs that you’ve been the victim of age discrimination is when you are reassigned to duties beneath your pay grade, level of education or qualifications. This might have been done because the company is trying to get you to hate your new job so much that you wind up quitting.

These are some of the more common signs of age discrimination in the workplace. There are others, so be sure to keep a keen eye when at work if you feel you are being discriminated against.