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Considering mediation as a disgruntled employee

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2019 | Employment Law For Employees

If a dispute has arisen between you and your employer, you may want to take action in order to restore justice, but it is likely that you are wary of undergoing a stressful and time consuming legal battle. If you still feel that you have not got the settlement that you deserve, it is important to not back down and understand that there are several options for you to consider.

One of these options is going through the process of mediation. This can be a nonintimidating way of reaching an agreement with your employer that is fair, allowing both parties to move forward with minimal stress.

What is mediation in the context of employment law?

The process of mediation involves a neutral third party who understands the law to come into the equation. This neutral party will ask each side to explain their perspective, some disagreements will be addressed and any miscommunications will be drawn to attention.

What are the benefits of mediation over other forms of dispute resolution?

If you are still employed by the employer that you have a dispute with, you will want to do your best to truly resolve the issue rather than get a good settlement. Mediation aims to do just this, and it fights for fairness and common ground. Additionally, mediation reduces the likelihood of stress and further conflict, both of which can be toxic for any workplace.

If you have an issue in your workplace that you want to adequately deal with, you may want to suggest going through mediation with your employer.