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Going through mediation to resolve a truck accident dispute

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2019 | Mediation & Arbitration

Truck accidents often lead to disastrous consequences and fault can be particularly difficult to attribute. This is because truck drivers are trained to avoid collisions but often have to make split-second decisions based on another driver’s actions.

If you are a truck driver or the owner of a trucking company and you want to successfully defend your party from blame regarding a collision, it is important that you consider the best strategy for you. Going through a lawsuit can be expensive, inefficient, and potentially unsuccessful. Before resorting to a lawsuit, you may want to consider mediation in order the get the desired result.

How does mediation work after a truck accident?

The process of mediation involves trained professionals helping the two or more parties to identify their disagreements and to resolve them rationally. The mediator will be a neutral party and they will help to facilitate a dialogue that relates to the way that the collision unfolded.

After the events of the collision are discussed, it is usual for all parties to be separated into different rooms, where negotiations will begin. The mediator will move between rooms to try to negotiate a compromise that is fair to all parties involved.

Going through the mediation process after a truck accident can be a great way to get a fair settlement based on the events that took place. It can also help all parties to avoid the costs of a lawsuit. It is a good idea to research more about how mediation in Kentucky could help you to resolve your truck accident before taking action.