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Defenses against truck accident fault accusations

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2019 | Trucking Accident Defense

When a truck is involved in an accident, it’s common to assume that the trucking company or driver will almost certainly be held liable for causing the accident. However, truck drivers by law need to be highly trained, and trucks are subject to much higher safety regulations than passenger vehicles. Therefore, often it is the case that another party was at fault.

Since trucks have such a high capacity for causing damage, they are often blamed by the other parties involved. But these parties must be able to prove that the damages were due to the negligence of either the truck driver or the trucking company before they can be successful. The following are some strategies that many trucking companies use to defend against accident fault accusations.

The other driver was at fault

The easiest way to defend against a truck accident fault accusation is to show that another party was to blame. This could be done through obtaining information from witness accounts, speeding cameras or phone data.

External conditions led to the accident

Large vehicles do not fare well in extreme weather conditions. If truck drove over black ice, for example, the vehicle may have swerved and caused an unavoidable collision.

Social media information undermines the plaintiff’s claims

If a plaintiff is claiming to have been emotionally upset and traumatized after the accident, they may try to claim damages for this. But if their social media statements suggest otherwise, this can help to undermine their claim.

If you want to defend a trucking company from allegations of fault, it is important to explore the wide range of defense options that can be implemented.