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Where are sexual harassment allegations most common?

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2019 | Employment Law For Employees

Sexual harassment allegations can happen in any industry. Both men and women can be harassed, accused or falsely accused. It’s important to remember that this happens everywhere and not to assume anything. People need to know their rights in various industries all over the state.

That said, some reports do claim that these situations present themselves most often in the media industry. For what it’s worth, this report only takes into account other white-collar jobs. But, among those high-level jobs, the media industry sees the most reports.

It’s important to consider this because, due to the nature of the industry itself, these reports then often become well-known to the public. Many of the people involved, on both sides of the cases, are well-known public figures. Celebrities show up repeatedly and may even name other celebrities in their cases.

As a result, these types of cases can have a massive impact on people’s careers. When someone faces these allegations or comes forward with a story of harassment in a bank or at a produce company, it may fly under the radar. In five years, the public will not remember everyone’s names, regardless of the outcome of the case. In the media industry, with names that carry a bit more weight in the public eye, these cases may take longer to ever really disappear — or they may not.

Those who have been facing harassment at work must know what legal steps they should take. These cases can get very complicated and it’s important to get things right with the potential ramifications that are on the line.