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March 2020 Archives

How can you avoid being sued for bad faith insurance practices?

As a insurance industry professional, you've likely been trained as to what a bad faith insurance claim is. Even still, many insurers employ various tactics that they think that their customers won't readily identify as falling under the umbrella of "bad faith" when processing their claims. It can be helpful for you as an insurer to apprise yourself of what falls into this category of illicit activity so that you don't expose yourself to any unnecessary legal liability.

What are examples of securities fraud?

There are many different types of investment opportunities that exist nowadays. There are your standard stocks and bonds and then there more nuanced investments such as the digital currency known as bitcoin. The responsibility falls on the party offering the investment opportunity to be forthright in disclosing what the value of its shares is. It's the responsibility of your portfolio manager to share that accurate information with you. Either party may be charged with securities fraud if the information that they give is inaccurate.

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