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What is a wrongful termination?

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2021 | Employment Law For Employees

Not many Kentucky residents are independently wealthy. Those who are do not have to worry about keeping their jobs and protecting their weekly incomes. For the rest of the population that counts on regular work to make ends meet, having gainful employment is an imperative part of living.

There are a lot of difficult situations that can arise at work, and one of the most challenging employment situations to face is a termination. When a worker is fired from their job, they may not understand the grounds on which their termination was based. They may also suspect that their firing was against the law.

Wrongful terminations are a problem in all industries. When a worker fears that they have been wrongfully terminated, they should know that they have legal rights. This post does not offer legal advice but provides some basic information on what may constitute wrongful terminations in American workplaces.

Types of wrongful terminations

Wrongful terminations are firings that violate the law. For example, an employer that fires a worker because of their race, religion, or inclusion in a different protected class may violate one of many Civil Rights laws that protect most individuals in their places of employment. Similarly, employers who attempt to fire workers who report them for wrongdoing to the proper authorities (these workers are called whistleblowers) may be in violation of both state and federal employment laws.

Employee options when facing wrongful terminations

One of the first steps that a worker can take when they believe that they have been fired for a wrongful reason is to contact a trusted employment law attorney. A legal practitioner with employment law knowledge can counsel their client on the specifics related to their individual claims. Different laws have different procedural options for seeking relief from a wrongful termination and may also have different forms of relief for those who have been affected by wrongful employment practices.