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Fatal semi-truck accident shows that semis not always at fault

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2021 | Trucking Accident Defense

Truckers and trucking companies know that they are the backbone of our society. Without them, nothing would move across the country. Indeed, grocery stores could not be stocked, gas stations would run out of gas and even our appliances would sit at U.S. ports collecting dust. Truckers and trucking companies truly keep our economy going. Unfortunately, during daytime TV and popular news shows, truckers and trucking companies are often painted in a negative light and blamed for most, if not all, truck accidents. However, one recent accident shows that this narrative is simply untrue.

The truck accident

According to the Madison Police Department, a vehicle traveling on south on Lanier Drive (just shy of the Crozier Avenue intersection) in Madison, left their lane and crossed into northbound traffic. They then struck a semi head on. This severely damaged both vehicles, and killed the vehicle’s driver. Thankfully, no one else was injured. MPD is still investigating the truck accident to determine why the vehicle left the southbound lane.

After a truck accident

Just like personal injury lawyers scream on TV every day, call a lawyer. For truckers and trucking companies, this is just as important as any other person involved in the truck accident. Though, they should understand that the narrative is often to blame the trucker and trucking company.

The importance of getting help immediately

Police and personal injury attorneys will dissect every piece of accident evidence, every log, all maintenance records, etc. And, even in cases, like the one here, where it is obvious the trucker and trucking company had nothing to do with causing the truck accident, this does not stop the other side from trying to prove otherwise. They often say that litigation follows the largest wallet, and in truck accidents, that is the trucking company. This is why it is so important for Lexington and Louisville, Kentucky, truck companies to have a trucking defense attorney on call and ready to go.