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10 workers taken to hospital after liquid nitrogen explosion

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2021 | Workers’ Compensation

In Kentucky, manufacturing is a major job provider and it provides great benefit to communities and families. When people use a certain product, they might not realize that there is a process to bring it to their local store. This could be something as innocent and innocuous as an ice cream snack. At any factory, there are tasks and items that could lead to danger. An extreme risk is an explosion. This can cause severe damage to workers and lead to medical expenses, lost time on the job and long-term implications. After these types of accidents, it is important to be aware of how workers’ compensation can help.

Ice cream manufacturing facility explosion sends workers to hospital

Dippin’ Dots are an ice cream snack that requires the use of liquid nitrogen to flash freeze it. As a delivery of liquid nitrogen was being unloaded, there was an explosion. First responders rushed to the scene. Ten workers were injured. They were said to have left the facility under their own power before being taken to the hospital for treatment. All survived. Nine were released from the hospital while one was admitted. It is not known what caused the explosion and an investigation is underway.

Work accidents and injuries can cause long-term challenges

Any type of job has its risks. If it is physical labor, a more sedentary line of work or a combination, people should be cognizant of what issues they might face after a work accident. Medical expenses can be exorbitant, lost time at work will reduce income and the damage can make it difficult if not impossible to return to the same kind of job as before. Workers’ compensation benefits can help to cover for what was lost, but it is essential to ensure that the evidence is accrued and the claim has a good chance of being approved. Disputes are common whether that is about the extent of the injuries, how long the worker should be off the job and even if the benefits are warranted.

Understanding the potential problems after a work accident

Although the workers in this explosion survived and nine of the 10 were released from the hospital, they still might have injuries and aftereffects that require workers’ compensation benefits. This goes beyond burns and clear injuries that can be diagnosed and treated immediately. Often, workers have unseen injuries that hinder them. These injuries take time to show themselves and can be physical and emotional. Workers should know their rights and consider all their options to receive the maximum in benefits. Having guidance from the start of the process is key.