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2 UK College of Law rooms named in honor of Pierce Hamblin

by | Jul 21, 2021 | Honors & Awards

Pierce W. Hamblin was humbled to have two UK College of Law rooms named in his honor after 39.5 years of teaching litigation skills to his students.

When speaking with Mr. Hamblin about how he felt about it he said, “I’ve always wondered if I made a difference in my kids’ lives, the naming of these rooms made me believe that hopefully I have.” To his students he said, “thank you for being one of my kids, I have a duty to help them at the beginning of the their career with letters of recommendation and phone calls. I do that as much as possible because I had someone help me out. There’s also one other goal, he said – and that is, to make sure they’re confident and competent to try a case in front of a judge and jury the minute they leave my class.”

Mr. Hamblin was photographed with Dean Mary J. Davis and his son Walker Hamblin.

Congratulations on this prestigious milestone!