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Can you hold corporate officers accountable for breaches of duty?

There are many different options to choose from when you set out to incorporate your business. One requirement that you must meet if you select most of these structures is that you have to either appoint a board of directors or officers for it. Those individuals that you appoint to these roles have some very important responsibilities. One of those is a duty of loyalty. Your corporation's officers or directors may face significant penalties if they breach this duty.

Is your company getting sued? Learn how we can help you respond

No one ever chooses to get sued, but those who own companies realize that often it's just a consequence of running a business. Regardless of the basis of the legal action, how the company handles the fallout can determine the trajectory of the incident.

The key elements of a bad faith insurance claim

Insurance companies have the responsibility to investigate all claims made by insurance carriers. Many of these claims may not qualify for compensation, however, because they do not fulfill requirements set out in the initial contract. As a result, the insurance company will deny the claim.

Drafting noncompetition agreements that are reasonable

In business, one of the most important priorities should be protecting your assets from competitors. These assets could be in the form of trade secrets or practices and processes, but they could also be in the form of talented employees and the information that they have.

The potential disadvantages of partnerships

Many people decide to enter partnerships because they believe that building a business with other talented people will lead to a successful endeavor. While partnerships can become very successful, they can have the potential to make the legal aspects of business become more complex.

How to avoid post-merger disputes

As a business owner that has just gone through a merger, you will know that it is very important -- both from an employee morale perspective and a logistical perspective -- that the process goes as smoothly as possible. When properly planned, mergers can be seamless and can successfully lead to a profitable and more economically efficient company.

What are the remedies and damages for breach of contract?

Entering into a contract for any type of reason is risky for both parties. You might enter into a contract for real estate. Or, maybe the contract has to do with your business. Either way, you need to understand what's at stake and how you can protect yourself should one party breach the terms of the contract. So, what are the remedies and damages available for breach of contract?

What do you need to do to start a business?

Anyone can have a great idea or come up with an innovative concept. But to actually bring your plan to fruition and make a profit requires business acumen. These skills come more naturally to some than others, but fortunately, most can be taught and learned.

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