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Learn your options when someone questions an inheritance

When a loved one dies and you know that you are supposed to get an inheritance from that person, you are likely waiting on it. The point isn't the money or the stuff. Instead, it is knowing that your loved one cared enough about you to leave you something. Unfortunately, some people opt to battle over inheritances, even when the person who is receiving the inheritance is clearly supposed to get it.

What's the best way to spend your inheritance?

Whether you knew it was coming or you are surprised by a sudden windfall, you may wonder how best to spend your inheritance. Many people use the unplanned money to splurge on items they've always wanted or fund a family vacation, but here are four tips for spending your inheritance wisely and making it last as long as possible.

More potential heirs cut from Prince estate case

A judge recently denied the claims of two women in the Prince estate case, saying that state law did not support them as heirs. The two women reportedly based their heirship claim on the fact that they were related to a man who was close -- but not biologically part of -- Prince's family.

Three things to do when you receive an inheritance

Managing an inheritance can be stressful. While most people are glad to inherit valuable property or large sums of money, the responsibility and decision-making that come with it can be daunting. That's especially true if you aren't accustomed to managing large accounts or properties.

Should you keep a large inheritance a secret?

The gift of an unexpected or large inheritance can be so helpful to a Kentucky resident's life. However, many recipients of inheritances have a lot of question about the best way to go about managing them. One common question that we hear relates to whether inheritance recipients should disclose to family and friends that they received the money.

2 claims filed in Prince's estate proceedings

As the media continues to question the cause of Prince's death, the names of his heirs are also unknown. Indeed, the music icon did not leave any trace of a will, so courts will have to distribute his assets in accordance with state intestacy laws. Potential heirs appear to be coming forward as well in order to make a claim on the musician's estate. Recently, two women filed motions saying that they are Prince's grandniece and niece in a bid to claim a portion of his massive estate.

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