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White Collar Criminal Defense Archives

What are examples of securities fraud?

There are many different types of investment opportunities that exist nowadays. There are your standard stocks and bonds and then there more nuanced investments such as the digital currency known as bitcoin. The responsibility falls on the party offering the investment opportunity to be forthright in disclosing what the value of its shares is. It's the responsibility of your portfolio manager to share that accurate information with you. Either party may be charged with securities fraud if the information that they give is inaccurate.

Defenses to embezzlement accusations in Kentucky

In general instances of theft, old English law required that trespass was necessary for a person to be found guilty. When it became possible for criminals to steal possessions through the use of computer systems and other strategies, this meant that a loophole in the law was created. To address this loophole, the crime of embezzlement was brought into law.

Defenses to billing fraud as a medical professional

Medical professionals can be frequently accused of engaging in Medicare or Medicaid billing fraud. This could be due to them being accused of making excessive, false or unauthorized charges. However, these reimbursement requests are often made out of genuine error or because of an honest mistake.

What constitutes health care fraud?

Statistics seem to be lacking when it comes to how many medical providers and their support staff are charged with health care fraud each year. It's safe to say that only a fraction of them intentionally engage in such impropriety though. If you're unsure as to what constitutes health care fraud, many different actions fall under the umbrella of this crime.

Successfully defending yourself against securities fraud

Being accused of securities fraud is a very serious issue and something that you should not simply dismiss as a casual threat. If you have been dealing with a person in business who has accused you of securities fraud in a conversation or in writing, you should take immediate action to ensure that you can defend yourself if they try to take legal action.

White collar crime criminal defense: An overview of wire fraud

Wire fraud is one of the most complex white collar crimes in the United States. It is such a complicated matter that many defendants are caught completely off guard when charged with wire fraud. In other words, it is possible to face these charges without knowing whether you even committed a crime. This post will provide a brief outline of this offense, including some possible penalties of a conviction.

Are you facing an indictment? Know what to expect

Sometimes individuals get indicted seemingly out of the blue, but often they are aware of the likelihood in the months and weeks preceding the actual event. If you suspect that you might or will be indicted, it's important to have a clear understanding of what that could entail.

What are common defenses to white collar crimes?

White collar crime is crime committed in the business world and does not involve any type of violence. It has been present for decades and continues to this day. Most white collar crimes are committed in an effort to gain something financially. White collar crimes include embezzlement, fraud, money laundering, tax evasion and Ponzi schemes. What are common defenses to white collar crimes?

White collar crimes can occur in various ways

Some crimes aren't violent at all. Many of these are considered white collar crimes, which have to do with financial matters or fraud. For people who are facing white collar crime charges and those who have to deal with money or personal information on a regular basis, knowing a bit about these crimes might be beneficial.

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