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Louisville Debt Collection Lawyers

When you have executed a large commercial contract for providing products or services and fulfilled your end of the agreement, but your customer has not paid as outlined in the contract, your business can be severely harmed. Not only are you facing lost profits and the costs involved with fulfilling the contract, but your reputation for enforcing your rights can be called into question if you do not take immediate action to collect on a debt.

At Landrum & Shouse LLP, we know that in today’s economy, many businesses are unable to fulfill their obligations because they are short on cash flow. That is why we believe in trying to negotiate a fair resolution that will satisfy both parties and preserve business relationships according to your needs and goals. Our priority is to make you whole either by negotiating a payment plan or entering into a settlement that will amicably resolve the dispute.

Unlike other firms that handle debt collection work, we can structure billing to be on an hourly basis rather than taking a percentage of the amount recovered to satisfy the debt. This way clients can determine how much they want to pursue each matter and how much resources they want to devote to each account. We can also handle collecting accounts receivable using the more traditional contingency basis as well.

If you have a customer, vendor or another business contact who has breached a contract and now owes you compensation, we can also help you pursue a collection judgment, mechanic’s lien or enforce a sizable judgment issued by a court. We know how to use all appropriate legal mechanisms to collect judgments and other types of outstanding debts using alternative dispute resolution or aggressive litigation.

We help creditors of all types, even those that are engaged in high high-value transactions. With our combined knowledge of business law and our business litigation experience, we get results; and we stand ready to help you recover what you are owed.

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