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Opposing Sexual Harassment

An experienced and steadfast advocate for employee rights, the legal team at Landrum & Shouse LLP stands behind clients who are victims of sexual harassment in the workplace. Skilled at sensitively managing the process while delivering results in case preparation and litigation, our attorneys present clients with a range of options to pursue resolution of their issues.

Know Your Rights

There are two terms and their definitions that are essential to know when considering legal action against sexual harassment in the workplace.

  • Quid pro quo: This Latin phrase meaning, literally, “something for something” is used to describe the type of sexual harassment that occurs when an employee is told that cooperating with sexual advances, such as unwanted touching, flirting or sexual favors, will reflect positively on employment status.
  • Hostile workplace: An employee who is continually told sexually offensive jokes or comments, exposed to offensive emails or graphic pictures or harassed about sexual orientation is a victim of a hostile workplace.

Defend Against Retaliation

Our firm can not only help defend your right to a workplace without harassment, but we can also advise you on preserving your welfare and protecting against retaliatory employer actions after you report the disturbing behavior to a manager.

Contact Our Firm

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