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Firm Overview

Charles LandrumWeldon Shouse
Firm co-founders Charles Landrum (left) and Weldon Shouse


The attorneys at Landrum & Shouse LLP are focused on providing high-quality and cost-effective service to our clients. Many of our lawyers have been selected for legal services listings such as Best Lawyers in America, Kentucky Super Lawyers and Best Lawyers in Kentucky. We are trial attorneys and appear in Kentucky Trial Verdict Reporter as among the most prolific law firms in Kentucky.


Our civil litigation practice focuses on defending individuals, businesses and government entities against legal actions. We also undertake plaintiff work in employment and workers’ compensation matters. As trial lawyers, we appreciate the growing expense of jury trials in terms of cost and time. Accordingly, we are strong advocates for alternative dispute resolution strategies such as mediation and arbitration whenever appropriate.


Our clients include individuals, businesses and government entities such as school districts and cities. We have represented school districts, professionals and small corporations clients, and national and local insurance companies. We have a particular focus on defending trucking companies, and our attorney, Daniel E. Murner, has appeared at national trucking industry conventions and educational programs. Whoever the client, we believe that being able to respond quickly to allegations and charges is the best way to avoid the time and cost of jury trials. However, we are trial lawyers and are always prepared to take a client’s matter to court.

Firm Details

Our law firm, founded in 1956 by Charles Landrum and Weldon Shouse, is one of the largest firms in Kentucky. With more than 30 attorneys, we have the resources and experience to handle the most complicated of cases in court or by employing alternative dispute resolution techniques. In consumer matters, we offer free initial consultations and accept credit cards. We receive many cases through referrals from existing clients who appreciate our cost-effective approach to litigation, and our efforts to save them money by avoiding litigation whenever appropriate.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss our legal practice with you. To speak with one of our lawyers, please call us toll-free at 888-322-2505 for an appointment with one of our trial lawyers in Lexington and Louisville. You may also complete our intake form.

Our Mission, to which we are dedicated, is to provide professional legal representation and service to our clients to the very best of our capabilities, individually and in unity with one another.