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Health care directives, also called advance directives and living wills, are documents that allow you to specify the health care you will receive if you cannot make decisions about your treatment. Incapacitation by illness or injury may prevent you from accepting or refusing medical care, so a health care directive is an important way to ensure doctors provide the treatment you wish.

At Landrum & Shouse LLP, we understand the complexities of health care directives and the decisions that are involved in creating them. You can rely on the knowledge and compassion of our estate planning lawyers as we help you with this document. These can be difficult decisions, but addressing them now will prevent your loved ones from having to make assumptions about what you would want if you could not speak for yourself.

Advance Directives And The Health Care Surrogate

In the health care directive, you can name a person to be your health care surrogate. This person will have the power to make health care decisions on your behalf when you cannot. The surrogate must follow the instructions you leave in the health care directive about the type of care you wish to receive.

We will explain your options regarding the types of treatment you can choose to accept or refuse via the health care directive. In general terms, it includes:

  • Life-prolonging medical care
  • The use of feeding tubes
  • Organ donation

You can also specify whether you would like pain medication and other care to make you comfortable even if you have refused life-prolonging treatment.

If you do not want a health care directive, you can create a health care power of attorney allowing another person to make decisions on your behalf. This person functions much like a health care surrogate. We will explain the differences to you if you are interested in this option.

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