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Posts tagged "Trucking Accident Defense"

How can you avoid being sued for bad faith insurance practices?

As a insurance industry professional, you've likely been trained as to what a bad faith insurance claim is. Even still, many insurers employ various tactics that they think that their customers won't readily identify as falling under the umbrella of "bad faith" when processing their claims. It can be helpful for you as an insurer to apprise yourself of what falls into this category of illicit activity so that you don't expose yourself to any unnecessary legal liability.

What if a driver cuts off your truck?

Generally speaking, if there is a rear-end accident, it's the fault of the second car -- the one in the back. Even if that first driver slammed on the brakes and "caused" the crash, the second driver is legally obligated to have enough space to stop in time. If they can't, then they were following too close.

Possible accident defense tactics for trucking companies

Trucking companies are often assumed to be at fault by victims after the occurrence of an accident involving a truck. However, the trucking industry is a highly regulated one, and it's often the case that the mistakes of noncommercial drivers lead to a collision that the truck driver involved could have done nothing to prevent.

Common truck company defenses after an accident

Since the trucking industry is so highly regulated, it's fairly uncommon for a truck driver or truck company to be to blame for the occurrence of an accident. However, many individuals who have been involved in an accident with a truck do try to pursue personal injury claims in the hope that they will gain back damages.

Federal Regulators Consider Changes to Allow for Flexibility with Hours of Service

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) expects to publish a new proposed rule in the Federal Register on August 19, 2019 that would allow for increased flexibility for drivers that are caught in delays caused by unexpected traffic or at loading docks. The publication of the proposed rule in the register starts a 45-day public comment period.

Defenses against truck accident fault accusations

When a truck is involved in an accident, it's common to assume that the trucking company or driver will almost certainly be held liable for causing the accident. However, truck drivers by law need to be highly trained, and trucks are subject to much higher safety regulations than passenger vehicles. Therefore, often it is the case that another party was at fault.

Comparative fault as a defense from a truck accident

If you are a truck driver who has recently been involved in an accident in the state of Kentucky, it is likely that you will be worried about being blamed for the incident. Many truck drivers lose their career after being found at fault for a truck accident. This is why it is important that truck drivers understand how they can defend themselves adequately and avoid blame.

Did a motorist's brake-checking cause the crash?

Truckers get a bad reputation for causing highway accidents. Much of it is undeserved, however. There is no doubt that the size and weight disparity between passenger vehicles and loaded semitrucks do not bode well for those riding in the smaller automobiles.

Why are commercial trucks so dangerous?

Commercial trucks are the backbone of the economy in Kentucky and throughout the rest of the country. The more of these trucks you encounter on the road, the better the economy is performing. Even though these trucks are important, they can also be very dangerous for various reasons. So, why are commercial trucks so dangerous? Let's take a look at the reasons.

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