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SUV Rollovers

Landrum & Shouse LLP has enjoyed success in the practice of insurance defense. We employ vast resources to take on product liability cases on behalf of the insurance industry and product manufacturers, designers and distributors.

Getting To The Facts Of SUV Rollover Claims

The increase in SUV rollover accidents at the start of the 21st century placed a bright spotlight on automotive manufacturers and product designers. Accusations of negligence and a flurry of lawsuits led to changes in the design of the vehicle to reduce the possibility of rollovers. Yet, accidents involving the larger vehicles continue, requiring professionals in the automotive industry to seek legal counsel.

An SUV flipping over and causing injuries that range from whiplash to spinal cord damage is not always the fault of the engineer, manufacturer or designer. Instead of the common “high center of gravity” argument, poor road conditions or reckless, inattentive or impaired drivers may be the cause of the accident.

Proactive Steps Toward Proving Liability And Resolving Product Defect Cases

In our representation of SUV manufacturers and insurance companies, we build fact-based defenses for these technically complicated cases. Liability in a rollover is not always dependent on the physics that went into the design of the vehicle. Speeding, sudden lane changes and other forms of reckless driving can lead to any type of motor vehicle rolling over, not just an SUV.

Larry C. Deener and his team of defense attorneys understand the value of proactive steps in handling SUV rollover and other product liability cases. Waiting for a lawsuit to be filed or a defendant to be named limits the options to avoid costly litigation. While we pride ourselves on being skilled attorneys in state, federal and appellate courts, we can also find resolution through pretrial negotiations and other forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

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