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Creating Employment Agreements And Resolving Disputes

When a particular job requires the creation of a legally binding employment contract, it is important that all of the right elements are included. Employers and employees alike may choose to utilize employment contracts to outline the parameters of a certain role with a company.

Before rushing into signing a contract, parties should get proper legal guidance. At Landrum & Shouse LLP, our team of lawyers has the experience needed to guide Kentucky professionals and businesses through the process of creating employment agreements. We can also help navigate the challenges that may arise if such an agreement is broken.

Understanding Employment Contracts

Many things may be outlined in the terms of an employment contract. Contract contents can vary by client, based on their particular industry, and the nature of the proposed employee’s job responsibilities.

At a high level, a good employment agreement should provide clarity around:

  • Standard compensation such as a salary
  • Optional or additional compensation such as bonuses or equity
  • Job responsibilities and success measures
  • Grounds for termination other than contract end
  • Competitive protections such as in a noncompete clause
  • Confidentiality requirements

If intellectual property may be involved, an employment agreement may also dictate which party will retain the rights to any new intellectual developments. While these rights may often be assigned to the company rather than to the employee, confirming this choice in a contract is important.

We Can Help

Before finalizing the terms of a new relationship between a company and an employee, it is recommended that employers reach out to our attorneys at Landrum & Shouse LLP. We know how to help employers in Kentucky create solid and legally binding employment agreements that protect their rights. Call us at 888-322-2505 or contact us via our website.