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Not every law firm handles appeals. Appeals follow different procedures, explore different issues and are handled in different courts. If you believe an issue has been incorrectly decided or handled by a court or another lawyer, you need a firm on your side who can effectively represent your interests and understands how to navigate appellate litigation as a viable remedy.

Founded in 1956, our practice is built on solid litigation skills, persuasive advocacy and sharp legal acumen. We are trial attorneys and appear in Kentucky Trial Verdict Reporter as among the most prolific law firms in Kentucky.

People seek us out because we practice in a wide variety of practice areas and because we know how to thoroughly review a case to expose errors. We handle appeals of decisions by judges who we believe did not decide cases correctly based on the facts or the law. We also take on cases that were tried by other attorneys and now the client wants a more experienced firm to handle the delicate appeal issues.

We routinely handle appeals in the areas of:

Additionally, we handle appeals for workers’ compensation and professional liability matters where the appeal hearings are before licensure boards and departments.

Our Appeals Attorneys

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