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How Mediation Works

The use of mediation to resolve disputes is preferable to many, and for a good reason. Mediation can be an effective way to agree in a timely manner. Also, it is a process that preserves confidentiality while being more cost-effective than court appearances.

At Landrum & Shouse LLP, we more than acknowledge that mediation can be the preferable method to attain mutually acceptable solutions; we embrace it. With two attorneys on our team who are award-winning certified mediators in the state of Kentucky, we are uniquely positioned to provide both experienced and skilled mediation services to our clients. Here is an outline of how the mediation process works.

Initial Organization

At the first meeting, both parties, with the mediator, will determine the exact issue to be resolved and agree upon the process to follow to get to an agreement. In dialogue with both parties, the mediator, while remaining neutral, will gather information contextual to the issue at hand to identify possible areas of commonality and points of potential compromise.

Uncovering Options

In the course of dialogue with the two parties, the mediator will make public possible settlement options while continuing to move the discussions forward. When both parties achieve consensus on a preferred settlement option, bargaining can begin.


In the final phase of mediation, details of the issue resolution get defined and agreed upon. The result can be an inventive solution that likely could not have been drafted from a court trial.

Experience At Work

Our two certified mediators, lawyers John R. Martin Jr. in Louisville and Pierce W. Hamblin in Lexington, each have over 30 years of mediation experience. They both conduct mediation and act as legal counsel to clients in mediation.

Firm Contact Options

Contact us to see if mediation is compatible with your goals for your civil litigation matter. Give Landrum & Shouse LLP a call at one of our offices; Lexington at 859-554-4038 or our office in Louisville at 502-589-7616 to schedule an appointment with one of our certified mediators. You may also reach us online with our
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