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Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Liability Defense

Motor vehicle manufacturers often must fight personal injury and wrongful death claims resulting from vehicle accidents. When personal injury lawyers blame accidents on auto manufacturers, these companies and their insurers need legal protection.

Landrum & Shouse LLP‘s products liability defense attorneys are well-known for their experience and skill. The firm’s clients have included Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky and additional vehicle manufacturers and vehicle component manufacturers. We also represent automotive designers, installers, distributors and their insurers.

With our extensive products liability and insurance defense experience, we understand that defense services need to be cost-effective. We actively work to manage client expenses and will seek recovery without a trial when appropriate.

Advocating For The Rights Of Corporations

When vehicle components are suspected of having or alleged to have defects, it makes national news. Manufacturers must have knowledgeable, aggressive defense counsel to protect their interests from auto accident injury victims seeking corporations with deep pockets. Our attorneys understand how to defend against claims involving issues such as:

  • Defective design
  • Defective manufacturing
  • Faulty installation
  • Failure to warn

Utilizing a network of respected experts in vehicle design and manufacturing, we will fight injury and wrongful death claims. We may also work with accident reconstruction experts to prove that the vehicle’s design and structure did not cause the accident. When we discover other causes of accidents, we may pursue recovery of damage claims in subrogation.

ADR, Trial And Appellate Services

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