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Hollaway v. Direct General: A Good Bad-Faith Recap

By: Ashley Smith Lant

In a published opinion, the Kentucky Supreme Court recently affirmed the entry of summary judgment in favor of an insurer on a bad-faith claim. InHollaway v. Direct Gen. Ins. Co. of Mississippi, Inc., 497 S.W.3d 733 (Ky. 2016), a third-party bad-faith claim arose out of a low-speed, parking lot automobile accident. Id. The facts concerning which driver was at fault and whether the accident caused Plaintiff’s injuries were contested. Id at 734.

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“Sex Stereotyping” and Title VII Protections

By: Erin C.S. Izzo

Gender identity has become an increasingly prevalent issue, in the news and across social media. InObergefell v. Hodges, the 2015 U.S. Supreme Court landmark case recognizing the fundamental right to marry for same-sex couples, Justice Kennedy began the majority opinion by holding that “The Constitution promises liberty all within its reach, a liberty that includes certain specific rights that allow persons … to define and express their identity.”

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Jeffrey A. Taylor named TOP 13

BIG Congratulations to Partner Jeffrey A. Taylor!

With the close of 2016 the Kentucky Trial Court Review results are in and has reported its most prolific trial attorneys for the entire state of Kentucky. Partner Jeff Taylor is ranked in the top 13 most prolific trial attorneys in the state of KY over the past decade. We appreciate all of his dedication to L&S and his passion for litigation.

Congratulations Jeffrey A. Taylor | TOP 13 most prolific trial attorneys in KY


To Partners, Pierce W. Hamblin and Leslie P. Vose!

L&S’s very own, Pierce W. Hamblin been has listed as a Top 10 & Top 50 KY Super Lawyer 2017. Additionally, we are also pleased to announce that Leslie P. Vose has also been listed as Top 25 women by KY Super Lawyers 2017! Both of these Partners have been nominated, researched and gone through the blue ribbon review process. We are thrilled and honored to have them as part of our team.

Pierce W. Hamblin and Leslie P. Vose

To our 2017 Kentucky Super Lawyers!

Super Lawyers:

Bennett E. Bayer…
Larry C. Deener
Pierce W. Hamblin – Top 10 Local & State and Top 50 for State
Michael E. Hammond
Bradley C. Hooks
John R. Martin
John G. McNeill
Daniel E. Murner
Jeffrey A. Taylor
Leslie P. Vose
R. Kent Westberry

Rising Stars:

Elizabeth A. Deener
Elizabeth J. Winchell

Congratulations 2017 Kentucky Super Lawyers