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How your company can prevent age discrimination

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2018 | Employment Law For Employers

Age discrimination is a serious issue that plagues thousands of elder Americans every year and Fayette residents are no exception. There are laws in place that prevent employers from discriminating against employees or potential employees based on their ages. With that, we have put together some tips your company can follow to help prevent age discrimination.

The goal of your company when hiring new employees is to make the workforce as diverse as possible. This will help prevent any issues with age discrimination. Diversity includes ranges in age as well as hiring workers with disabilities and workers of all races, religions and ethnic backgrounds.

When you create or revise the job application process for your company, make sure it is done so very carefully. Is it necessary for you to know the entire work history of the applicant or the year in which they graduated high school or college? Instead, use questions that ask if the applicant has a specific amount of experience with the position.

Make sure the human resources department and all management employees know as much as possible about retirement. You cannot force your employees to retire. Even when an employee reaches retirement age, it might not mean that they are actually ready to retire.

Be very careful with the words you speak on the job, even how you talk about yourself. What you say can easily be misconstrued, leading to a lawsuit alleging ageism.

Preventing age discrimination is an important part of running a company. You need to make sure that all interviews and issues regarding employees are handled properly so that you are not accused of ageism when relieving an employee of their duties or failing to hire a prospect.