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Is your company getting sued? Learn how we can help you respond

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2020 | Business and Commercial Litigation

No one ever chooses to get sued, but those who own companies realize that often it’s just a consequence of running a business. Regardless of the basis of the legal action, how the company handles the fallout can determine the trajectory of the incident.

If a company owner feels that they are the wronged party, their impulse may be to jump on social media sites and defend their position. This is almost a universally bad idea.

It may be appropriate to issue an official, carefully-parsed statement regarding the situation. This should be done only after a consultation with your attorney. But tweeting or posting about the matter only draws negative attention to your business and widens the audience of those who are even aware you are being sued. That’s never a plus for any business.

We can help you strategize a proper response that can often de-escalate an adversarial legal matter. Even when that is not possible, we can prepare a response, and if necessary, file a countersuit seeking damages.

Your reputation is vital to your success as a business owner in the Fayette community. Don’t allow a litigious plaintiff to goad you into making the wrong move and strengthening their case against your company.

We encourage business owners who face lawsuits to allow us to review the cases against them and propose a path to resolution. Delaying action after being served with a lawsuit can lead to a default judgment being rendered against you and/or your business.

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