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Pierce Hamblin: A different kind of attorney

by | Jun 9, 2022 | Articles

Autumn Hines, a proud graduate from the University of Kentucky double-majored in Integrated Strategic Communication (ISC) and Political Science.

Outside of school, she worked as a legal runner at Landrum & Shouse LLP where she met Pierce Hamblin. For her ISC class on specialized PR writing, Autumn was assigned to write a profile about someone who represented one of UK’s PR objectives (e.g., diversity, community outreach, commitment to students). She chose to write about Mr. Hamblin’s experience as an adjunct professor at the University of Kentucky College of Law. During her time at Landrum & Shouse, Autumn saw the way Mr. Hamblin committed himself to helping others- from other attorneys to the summer law clerks and to his “kids” at UK College of Law.

Pierce Hamblin: A different kind of attorney……..

Attorneys aren’t always known for their warmth or sense of humor, but Pierce Hamblin is quick with a joke and knows how to make anyone feel at home.

Pierce is a seasoned lawyer and teacher. For 41 years, he has litigated and mediated cases at Landrum & Shouse. But perhaps more importantly, for 40 years, he has taught as an adjunct professor at the University of Kentucky College of Law where he teaches courses on litigation skills and negotiations to senior law students. Over the years, he has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to student success and will continue to do so for years to come.

“One of my greatest passions in life has been teaching at the UK College of Law. I think it’s important to teach my students to be good lawyers, but it’s more important to teach them to be good people,” Pierce said.

Shortly after he began teaching, Pierce realized that it was one of his duties to help his students in any way he could. He explained that someone helped him once, and it’s important that his students realize that one day, they will have the duty to help young lawyers as well.

As a young man, Pierce was drawn to law because of his father who inspired him to join the Army and attend the University of Kentucky. He graduated from the University of Kentucky College of Law in 1977 and followed that with the U.S. Army JAG School at the University of Virginia College of Law in 1986.

After he became a lawyer, Pierce quickly began learning what it took to be successful in the legal field, and this knowledge is what he strives to share with his students. As a new attorney, he would go to motion hour at the circuit clerk’s office to meet as many clerks, judges and lawyers as possible. It didn’t matter if he had a case with them or not- he would still go up to them, shake their hand and introduce himself.

“I would tell them I’m Pierce Hamblin. I don’t have anything to ask you- I just wanted to meet you and tell you I’m a new lawyer and I’m from Lexington,” Pierce said.
It’s safe to say that this approach has paid off over the years. Pierce is well-respected among his peers and by his students and he never meets a stranger. He is friendly and approachable and he genuinely cares what you have to say.

“One of the first things I tell my students is that nobody cares a damn bit what you have to say until they know you care about them,” Pierce explained.
In addition to a wealth of legal knowledge, on the first day of class, Pierce gives his students a copy of a Teddy Roosevelt quote to help them learn to not let their actions be influenced by their fears.
“The last part of the quote is great. [Teddy Roosevelt] said, ‘…his place shall never be with those timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.’ Can you imagine being that miserable? Huddled over in the corner and wanting to do something but you’re afraid you might fail at it,” Pierce said.

“And the last thing I tell them is that the greatest test of courage is to bear defeat without losing heart,” Pierce concluded.

Along with these words of wisdom, Pierce gives his students the tangible tools they need to be successful in their law careers. His litigation skills class is always in high demand among third-year law students.
Throughout the semester, students learn how to do discovery, how to use the rules of evidence, how to introduce exhibits at trial, how to do the opening and closing statements, how to try a case and the skills and confidence necessary to perform as young lawyers.

“While I was clerking at Landrum and Shouse, Pierce took me under his wing and allowed me to help him with some of his nursing home arbitration practice. Without Pierce, I would have never ended up where I am now, and I will be forever grateful to him for that,” said Hannah Jamison, an attorney at Cicero Law Firm.

The way Pierce Hamblin has touched and impacted the lives of others over the years is immeasurable. It’s rare to find someone genuinely willing to help others. Pierce has committed his life to serving others- from his time in the military to his career as an attorney and his years as a teacher and mentor.

“Pierce Hamblin is the epitome of a dedicated legal professional, in particular regarding his mentoring of young lawyers and students. His skill as a lawyer is clear, but it is his commitment to the success of our students and other young lawyers that makes him stand out to me as a true professional,” said Mary Davis, the Dean of the University of Kentucky College of Law.

At 71, Pierce shows no signs of slowing down. He is still actively involved in the community and he is always looking for ways to support his “kids.” Pierce Hamblin’s commitment to students is unmatched and he is truly an asset to the University of Kentucky College of Law. #lawyer#legal #attorney #mediator #arbitration

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