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The work-injury connection is key in workers’ compensation claims

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2023 | Workers’ Compensation

In Kentucky, a work injury can be physically, emotionally and financially taxing. People who have been injured on the job will inevitably wonder how they will make ends meet, what medical care they are entitled to and the necessary steps to file a workers’ compensation claim.

In some cases, there is disagreement as to whether the injury or condition came about due to the work itself. Therefore, it is imperative for employees who are filing for benefits to understand the relationship between their work and the injury they suffered.

Workers must show the injury was work-related

To receive workers’ compensation benefits, the worker needs to show that there is a link between the injury and their employment duties. There will generally not be a debate if, for example, a construction worker falls from a scaffold while working on a jobsite. The same is true for a supermarket employee who slips and falls or a warehouse employee who strains a back muscle lifting an item.

In other instances, there could be a question as to whether the injury was a direct result of their work. Workers who are accused of injuring themselves intentionally, are hurt while taking part in horseplay, were under the influence or alcohol or drugs, or were injured during their commute could face challenges in getting approved.

These topics could fall into a gray area of workers’ compensation benefits. If an employee was running an errand for an employer after work and using their own vehicle as they completed the task on the way home and became injured in an accident or incident while doing as they were asked, there could be a disagreement as to whether it was employment-related.

Some may need help with a workers’ compensation claim

There are many factors that are considered with a workers’ compensation claim and it impacts whether the case is approved, the level of benefits the workers get and more. If the employer or the insurer asserts that the worker was not injured while they were doing their job, they could be denied entirely. Accumulating the necessary proof is a key part of a successful claim as is knowing how to address problems throughout the process.