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Trucking Accident Defense Archives

What defense strategies can I use for a truck accident?

Trucks are the backbone of the economy in Kentucky. The more of them you encounter on the road, the better the economy is operating. There are truck drivers of all experience levels on the roads today and even the most experienced can find themselves involved in an accident. It's never easy to deal with an accident, even if you weren't at-fault. What type of defense strategies can I use for a Fayette truck accident?

Consider mediation to resolve semitruck crash lawsuits

Finding out that there is legal action pending after a semitruck crash is a hard spot to be placed in. For many people who are facing these types of cases, the focus is on trying to get them over with as quickly as possible without having to spend an exorbitant amount of money to do so.

Truckers aren't always at fault for crashes they are involved in

Understanding the case against you is one of the most important steps when you are facing a claim for a semitruck crash. The complainant is going to try everything possible to make the accident look like your fault. There are some cases that aren't the trucker's fault at all. These are the ones that are particularly troublesome.

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